Car Wraps


Are you looking to take your vehicles to the next level with custom car wraps? Autographix has you covered! Whether you need digital prints or pre-cured wraps, we’re here to help. Our custom car wraps are available in many shapes, colors, and images, and they’re a smart solution for fleets of vehicles and individual automobiles alike. 

Vehicle wraps elevate your advertising and marketing efforts and help you reach more potential customers every time you drive. Autographix can customize anything from a small decal to a full vehicle wrap so you can showcase your business logo, contact information, and message.

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Benefits of Car Wraps

New color

Love your car but want to switch its color? Change things up with a full vehicle wrap!


Car wraps can effectively protect your car’s paint from daily wear and tear.

Long lasting or a quick change

With proper care, your wrap can last up to 7 years. Or, you can change it as often as you’d like, with no damage done to the original paint.